Rules & Regulations

  1. Registration Fees Rs. 100/- valid for 1 Year. Next year Renewal is Required.
  2. Those who are registered can enter into pair income by paying Rs. 25/- late fees. (within 1 year)
  3. It is the only right of the helper (appointed by the company) to registration.
  4. Money return – if there is no joining within a year then company will return the product price accordingly (Only part payment). The helper should give declaration on stamp of Rs.10/- within 15 days from the date of closing.
  5. Pension scheme is applicable on Kohinoor helper only. Pension will be Rs. 2000/- per month for 5 year.
  6. In cause of death of the helper the company will give Rs. 2000/- per month. For 5 year to the nominee. For this facility helper should achieve the post of silver helper.
  7. Immediate Help – For Immediate help helper should achieve silver helper and he/she must be hospitalized. Rs.5000/- will paid against credit card and helper is bound to pay it within 6 month.
  8. Pregnancy benefit – The helper should be silver helper and it have been pain on 1 ID.
  9. Pension Policy is applicable for 1 ID only.
  10. The ID will closed after achieving crown star helper. Company will provide Rs. 20,000/- per month for 5 years as Pension/Royalty.
  11. One those people will become helper whose age is under 60.
  12. 10% commission are provided on direct product sale.
  13. Under marriage policy Rs. 10,000/- will be provided to female helper who have achieved silver helper.
  14. For cash payment the pair income should be more than Rs.500/- payment are made through cheque  only.
  15. Every payment will be made after deducting service tax and TDS.
  16. Only insurance company is responsible for claim of Rs.1,00,000. It is for one year only.
  17. For higher education company will give financial assistance on credit basis.
  18. Scholarship will be provided for meritorious students.

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