1. Pair Income
  2. Money return guarantee.
  3. Insurance rupees of 1 lack.
  4. Pension Policy
  5. In cause of death Rs. 2000/- per month will be paid to the nominee for 5 year.
  6. In case of emergency financial support of Rs. 5000/-
  7. Financial support for higher education
  8. Technical education
  9. Free Medical checkup.
  10. Scholarship for Meritorious student.
  11. Job facility through consultant facility.
  12. Facility of employment for women in rural area through small business setup.
  13. Maternity facility of Rs. 5000/-
  14. For ladies helper Rs. 10000/- will be paid in case of marriage.
  15. Facility to sell companies product as a salesman.
  16. Personality development.
  17. Guideline in education field in give expert.
  18. Unlimited ID will provided.
  19. Unlimited Income(Rs.50,00,000 max)
  20. Online joining and business.
  21. Your personal profile on website.
  22. 10% commission on product sell.

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